Three Free Online Marketing Courses Available to Business Owners

free online marketing courses

Three Free Online Marketing Courses Available to Business Owners

If you’re looking for free online marketing courses, there are many to choose from. Some sites offer only free courses or limited courses for paid memberships. In this article, we’ll try to assemble all the available free marketing courses on the Internet. The list here includes free online marketing courses from some of the more prominent social networking-related disciplines and topics. If you enjoy digging into one field in particular, here is a quick overview of the categories covered:

Offered by: Skillsoft. Google Cash is part of Skillsoft, which also has several other free online marketing courses, including PPC Secrets Revealed and PPC Battle Plans. Google Cash emphasizes pay per click (PPC) advertising as a way to increase your bottom line, but does include a few free options as well. One course called PPC Secrets Revealed teaches you how to discover ideal PPC placement for your campaigns, giving you more time to concentrate on building out your site. Another free PPC course, called PPC Battle Plans, gives you some basic strategies for finding profitable PPC keyword phrases.

Offered by: Udemy. Udemy offers several free online marketing courses, such as The Importance of Data Visualization and Digital Marketing Secrets. The digital marketing industry is dominated by two schools of thought: those who believe that content really does matter, and those who believe that analytics is a necessary evil. Udemy is somewhat neutral in its approach toward analytics because they are leaning more toward the individuals who believe content does matter.

Offered by: Traffic Ultimatum. Another one of the more popular free online marketing courses, this one focuses on traffic generation through optimization. The main focal point of this course is to teach you about search engine optimization and the fundamentals behind it. Search engine optimization is an ever changing field with new strategies being developed all the time. The basics taught in this course include learning how to create effective landing pages, how to write keyword-optimized content, and how to build links to your site. Some of the other topics include learning the importance of meta tags, why social bookmarking works, and how to optimize images and videos for the search engines.

Offered by: Social Capital. This free online marketing courses focus on teaching you the basics of social media marketing and SEO through videos. The skillshare offerings offered by Social Capital include Getting Started Guide, Intermediate Guide, and Complete Social Capital Skill Suite. The Intermediate Guide will teach you the basics of social media marketing and introduces you to Social Capital’s proprietary keyword and optimization tool, while the Complete Social Capital Skill Suite will give you a thorough introduction to social media marketing and teach you the best keywords and techniques for optimizing your websites.

These are just three of the many topics covered in free online marketing courses that are designed to teach you how to market your business using the power of the internet. If you are looking for a way to learn how to really grow your business, you should consider taking a class that teaches you these important topics. Your success depends very much on how well you learn and what tools you use to grow your business.